Yelda makes your brand voice-ready !

Last week we released the first version of Yelda platform. It allows your company to be present on voice platforms like Google Assistant and Alexa, as well as on chat apps like Facebook Messenger. Yelda is the single virtual assistant of your company ! Although it’s currently in beta with a few selected partners, here are some screenshots of Yelda platform :

All the conversations in one place

Yelda - Voice Platform - Conversations
Yelda – Voice Platform – Conversations

Here is the full list of conversations between your assistant and its users. You can sort them based on the platform where they happened, their length, or the intents expressed by the user.



Yelda - Détail d'une conversation

This is the complete retranscription of a conversation that happened between your assistant and a user on Google Assistant. Through Yelda, you can acces all the logs and spot what conversations went wrong, so you can solve the issues.



Your virtual assistant’s skills

Yelda - Voice Platform - Skills
Yelda – Voice Platform – Skills

These are the skills you can activate for your assitant : basic conversation skills such as Welcome or Small Talk, and more complicated ones like Smart FAQ or Stores, which enables users to ask any questions about your stores’ opening hours, and so on.


Yelda - Smart FAQ
Yelda – Smart FAQ

This screen gathers all relevant information related to a particular skill. You can manage basic settings, related intents and texts. An Intent is the goal of the user talking to your assistant. The more Intents your assistant understands, the more helpful he’ll be to your customers, partners and employees !




Yelda - Détail d'un intent
Yelda – Détail d’un intent

That’s the screen dedicated to a particular intent. It allows you to train your bot so it becomes better and better at recognizing hundreds of different ways of expressing this intent. That’s also where you define the answers the bot should make based on different scenarios when users express this intent.

Join the early-adopters

If you wish to join the beta program, drop us a line at contact at yelda dot ai !