While Amazon launches Alexa and Echo smart speakers to Italy and Spain, Google is working hard to make its vocal assistant available on the greatest number of devices. Google Assistant is now available on more than 10,000 devices from over 1,000 manufacturers. At the beginning of this year, they were only 1,200 compatible devices.

Google Assistant still far behind Amazon Alexa

This growth is remarkable, but Google Assistant still has a lot to do to overtake Amazon Alexa, which is reportedly working with over 20,000 devices. Both giants indeed have similar strategies: to bring their voice assistants to as many devices as possible, and therefore, to as many users as possible. To do so, Google relies on Android, the leading mobile operating system (its market share is approximately 85%). To Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s priority is to implement Alexa on a maximum of devices, including in rivals’ ecosystems, even if it leads to sell Echo speakers at a loss. Every manufacturer can integrate Alexa to its devices, for free. In the same way, brands can create their own skills, and deploy them to Alexa.

In this context of extensive growth, Google UK announced the launch of Google Assistant on Android Auto a few weeks ago. The on-board system is growing at a fast pace: Renault for instance has recently partnered with Google to use Android Auto on board its cars. Toyota could be next. Google’s objective? To offer an integrated and voice controlled experience to its millions of users, whether they are in their kitchen, at work or commuting.

At Apple (Siri), the strategy is clearly different. As it always does, Apple is building its voice assistant in a closed system, almost exclusively on its own devices & OS. Unlike its rivals Amazon and Google, Apple’s profit is coming from the devices it sells, rather than services. It is clear that Tim Cook does not want to sell his HomePod at a loss!

Finally, Cortana, Microsoft’s voice assistant, is currently compatible with only 100 devices, which is little compared to its competitors. However, this is no longer a threat to the firm: its recent partnership with Amazon grants Cortana access to Alexa’s 20,000 integrations.

google assistant bot

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