Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant soon available on your computer ?

Amazon and Google firmly intend to implement their virtual assistants on as many devices as possible. As explained in this blog article, Google is relying on its mobile operating system Android, while Amazon builds many partnerships with brands to develop new Alexa skills. Amazon is also launching its own devices, the most recent being a micro-wave.

Thus, it’s not very surprising that Amazon partnered with Microsoft. Facing strong difficulties with its own virtual assistant, Cortana, Microsoft had already decided to extend it with Alexa. This making Cortana’s users able to access Alexa’s skills from Cortana. Microsoft and Amazon are now going a step further: they announced a few days ago the launch of an Alexa app on Windows 10. The app, available (for now) in the US, in Germany and UK, allows its users to access Alexa’s features with a simple touch or click.

For now, Alexa for Windows 10 does not work hands-free. However, saving a new calendar event or reading your latest emails become easier and faster with voice. That being said, this app shows a strong victory for Amazon, which proves that it can make its assistant available and compatible within rivals’ environments, here Windows. A task that is really easier for Cortana, as its developer is the company which built Windows. Or for Siri on iOS.

However, the ability to use Alexa hands-free on PC should come up soon. There are indeed more and more Windows computers that are sold with Alexa preinstalled. Amazon and Microsoft’s partnership have a bright future.

Is Google Assistant expected on desktop?

Google is reportedly working on an implementation of Google Assistant on Chrome. The developer channel of the web browser shows that Assistant should soon become a native feature of Chrome. It is a huge potential for Google, since its browser has a market share of over 60%, to the detriment of its competitor Safari, Internet Explorer/Edge, Firefox or Opera. Launching on Chrome is a logical consequence in Google’s project of making its assistant available everywhere – even on board cars.

Nevertheless, Google still has a lot to work on before launching Assistant on Chrome. As a matter of fact, Google had already installed Assistant on PixelBook. Unfortunately, this integration was a failure: Google Assistant did not work well with many tasks, even easy ones. According to some users, it was even completely unreliable and confusing.

So, which platform should you launch your voice bot on? Almost every week, Google and/or Amazon are announcing the launch of their assistants on a new market, on new devices, or the creation of new partnerships. Both giants have for sure the firm intention to make their assistant available to the greatest number of people. The best strategy is probably to create your voice bot on both platforms. Yelda can help you: our SaaS platform enables you to create your voice bot in minutes, and to deploy it to Alexa, Google Assistant, and Facebook Messenger.