How is Amazon Alexa doing on the French market?

Last June, Amazon launched Alexa, its voice assistant, to the French market. The launch which was highly anticipated, even after being delayed a few times. So, how is Alexa doing, 4 months later?

Finally! After months of waiting, Amazon announced the launch of its Echo smart speakers to the French market last June. To start, the tech giant introduced three devices: Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, its smallest version, and Echo Spot, which includes a circular touch screen. How does Amazon explain this long wait? The language! Amazon needed and still needs time to translate Alexa to French, and especially, to adapt it to the numerous accents and to the “colouration of the language”. A job that Amazon’s rival Google had done a long time ago, because Google Assistant was available as a mobile app well before the launch of its Home device. But there is another challenge for Amazon: to partner with French companies. For now, French users can, for example, listen to news from France Inter, RTL, Le Parisien, France Info, Brut or Capital, book a restaurant on LaFourchette, or even order an Uber or a pizza from Domino’s.

This partnership portfolio keeps being enriched by the firm, month after month. And there’s still a lot to do: Alexa reportedly counts 200 skills in France, while 40,000 are available in the US.

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