Our mission: to equip every company in the world with a voice assistant

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Yelda in 1 minute

"We believe that in the next 3 years, the majority of B2C businesses around the world will need to equip themselves with a voice assistant to respond to their customers and allow human teams to focus on high-value tasks. Yelda is the operating system for these enterprise voice assistants."

Thomas Gx

CEO & Co-founder of Yelda

They talk about us

Our ambition is that every company in the world should be equipped with a voice assistant so that men and women can concentrate on their most important missions.

It all started in 2017, after Thomas, Antoine and Marie finished yet another custom-developed chatbot project. At that moment, we realize two things. On the one hand, there was no need to redevelop a custom chatbot for every customer, as most questions and conversations were very similar from one company to another.

On the other hand, voice was emerging as a new vector of communication between humans and machines, thanks to the democratization of machine learning, a tool that has considerably increased the performance and possibilities of voice.

Yelda was born from this observation, a SAAS platform for the creation of voice assistants for companies, with the objective of simplifying the creation of voice assistants to talk to customers, prospects or employees of a company. Thanks to the trust of large companies such as FNAC, Sodebo, Eiffage or BNP Paribas, Yelda designs and develops a tool of unprecedented simplicity and unmatched performance, which allows to deploy an assistant in a few minutes, whatever the industry or the vertical of the company.

Our Story

2018 - Founding of Yelda

Thanks to our first clients (FNAC, Sodebo, FM Logistic...), we launched Yelda with the support of IMT Starter, the incubator of the Mines-Telecom group from which the founders of Yelda come.

2018 - First fundraising

As soon as it was launched, Yelda raised 250,000 euros in pre-seed to finance R&D from Business Angels and the BPI.

2018 - Arrival at
Station F

In his first year, Yelda was admitted to the Founder Program of Station F, the largest start-up campus in the world, based in Paris 13ème!

2019 - Yelda joins the FUTURE 40

Yelda is named one of the 40 most promising startups of Station F (among 1000 startups!)

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2019 - Many new clients

Many companies such as Eiffage, Prixtel, GL Events or Apsys shopping centers trust Yelda.

2020 - New fund raising

YeldaAI annonce sa deuxième levée de fond pour un montant de 500 000 euros via des Business Angels et la BPI.

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2021 - Deployment in the Health sector

In a world turned upside down by Covid-19, Yelda deploys its solution in the healthcare sector: pharmacies, hospitals, medical offices, etc.


2021 - Creation of an offer dedicated to public authorities

Following the success of several tenders, Yelda deploys its expertise to town halls, communities of municipalities and other public entities, to automate the user relationship and free up precious time for agents!


2022 - Growth in the public sector

Yelda wins prestigious budgets (WHO, IARC), and signs key partnerships (DGAC, SFR). Yelda is invited to the Salon des Maires et des collectivités to present how AI can help municipalities to improve the reception and service to users.


2023 - La révolution de l'IA générative

YeldaAI déploie sa solution innovante hybride basée sur l'IA générative et la détection d'intention, le tout déployé à la voix. Yelda AI devient la première solution de téléphonie basée sur l'IA générative.