Finally a truly intelligent chatbot / voicebot!

Our SaaS platform is the simplest solution for creating your company's chatbot / voicebot. Bots created with Yelda artificial intelligence are truly capable of chatting, like chatGPT.

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Voice AI for Customer Relations

“YeldaAI allows Customer and User Services to 100% automate recurring calls that clog up agent lines. They can therefore focus on meaningful discussions.”

Thomas Gx

CEO & Co-Founder, YeldaAI

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The future of Customer Relations: without agents, but with Advisors

Putting Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the service of Humans.

We meet with Customer Service or User Relations agents every day. They share the same problems. Overwhelmed by repetitive and alienating tasks, they aspire to do what they really shine at: advise, help, support. Thanks to our intelligent virtual agents, we free up these dedicated professionals so that they can concentrate on what really matters: human exchanges to support their interlocutors.
AI is not intended to replace human contact, quite the contrary. We believe that it should be used to promote it.

Simplify the Customer Experience

We've all experienced the frustrations of outdated automated systems, taking us in endless circles. YeldaAI is a game changer. Our callbots are designed to provide effective responses instantly, saving customers time and reducing stress levels. And when they need human advice, agents are more available to listen to them.

Facilitating Human Connection

By removing unnecessary barriers, we pave the way for richer interactions between agents and customers. With less time spent resolving minor problems, there is more time for quality advice, attentive listening and personalized support.

Our Story

2018 - YeldaAI is born

Thanks to our first clients (FNAC, Sodebo, FM Logistic...), we launcged YeldaAI with the support of the business incubator of the Mines-Telecom where the founders of Yelda graduated.

2018 - First fundraising

As soon as it is launched, YeldaAI raises US$ 275,000 in pre-seed to fund R&D with Business Angels and the French public sector investment bank (BPI).

2018 - Moving in Station F

In its first year, YeldaAI was admitted to the Founder Program at Station F, the largest start-up campus in the world, based in Paris.

2019 - YeldaAI joins FUTURE 40

Yelda is named one of Station F's 40 most promising start-ups (among 1000 start-ups!)

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2019 - Many new clients

Many companies such as Eiffage, Prixtel, GL Events or Apsys shopping centers trust YeldaAI.

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2020 - New fundraising

YeldaAI announces its second fundraising for an amount of US$ 550,000 via Business Angels and the French public sector investment bank (BPI).


2021 - Creation of an offer dedicated to public entities

Following the winning of several calls for tenders, YeldaAI deploys its expertise to the services of town halls, community of municipalities and other public entities, to automate user relations and free up precious time for agents!


2022 - Growth in the public sector

YeldaAI wins prestigious budgets (WHO, IARC), and signs key partnerships (French Civil Aviation Authority, SFR). Yelda is invited to the Mayors and Communities Show to present how AI can help communities improve reception and service to users.

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2021 - Deployment in the Healthcare sector

In a world disrupted by Covid-19, YeldaAI is deploying its solution in the health sector: pharmacies, hospitals, medical practices, etc.


2023 - The Gen AI revolution

YeldaAI deploys its innovative hybrid solution based on generative AI and intention detection, all deployed by voice. Yelda AI becomes the first telephony solution based on generative AI.