Voice AI for customer relationship

Your virtual agent powered by generative AI answers 100% of calls to your customer service.
Respond instantly to your customers and relieve your agents of repetitive calls.

They trust us

Human-level conversations

As if they were speaking to a human agent, your customers can express themselves naturally, respond to a question, change the subject, etc.

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AI handles more than 50% of your calls autonomously

Your virtual agent handles a large portion of your customers' calls on its own, without human intervention. It transfers other calls to your agents after qualifying them.

Connect your systems

YeldaAI connects natively to your systems so that your virtual agent provides the right answers to your customers.


The same AI for all your communication channels

Set up your virtual agent once, it is then available on all your channels: telephone, your website, email, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.

Book a demo

Deploy a callbot on the phone, a voicebot on your website or a voice chatbot on messaging apps in just a few days!