Your Company’s Virtual Assistant

Automate your company via a single virtual assistant, that anyone can ask anything.
Available on your website, Google Assistant & Home, Messenger.

You're in good company

One master assistant to rule them all

Yelda is an assistant platform which match customers requests to the right skills.
Yelda comes with many built-in skills like Hiring, Transaction or Brand, but it's also open to 3rd party skills to integrate your specific system.

Core Features


Yelda is available through all main chat & voice conversationnal platforms like Messenger, Google Assistant & Home, Slack, etc.

An All-you-need Back-office

Conversations history, Live-chat, intents definition & analysis, analytics and pushs, all under one roof!

Modular Skills platform with 3rd party API

It's very easy to integrate an existing bot to your Yelda Assistant thanks to our modular Skills platform.

About Us

We're a start-up based in Station F at Paris, France, composed by experts in bots, natural language processing and voice generation.
We're convinced that this is soon the end of the traditional interfaces, and that chat and voice interfaces will change everything in how we interact with companies, as customers and as employees.
We're backed by awesome business angels and incubated in IMT Starter Incubator in Paris.

"After three years working on bots and virtual assistants, we've gathered a considerable knowledge of the market, and we foresee that in the next three years, most companies in the world will need an assistant and a software to run it. This is Yelda."
Thomas Gx, Yelda CEO

We're hiring!

Join us now ! It's only the beginning of the Age of the Assistance, we've the same feeling than when we were building the first web CMS in the early 2000's!
Back-End Developer JS - Job Description

Contact Us

Yelda is available in private BETA for now, but already used by great companies like BNP Paribas, Fnac or SNCF. Be in touch with us to have a demo!

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