A voice assistant to answer every call

Yelda is the easiest software to create your organization's smart callbot / voicebot. Answer your customers and users on the phone, on your website/mobile, on WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.

Successful companies trust Yelda to automate customer service

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Deploy your assistant anywhere in minutes

With Yelda, you are only a few clicks away from putting your voice bot / callbot on your website, phone, Messenger / WhatsApp / Instagram.

Built-in compatibility

Yelda est compatible avec toutes les plateformes digitales + le téléphone

Pre-scripted scenarios

Thanks to our conversational intelligence technology, you don't have any conversation tree to manage, your voicebot / callbot works without tedious parameterization!

Identify your customers' expectations

Statistics and verbatims of all conversations between your customers and your assistant are available in your Yelda interface. This allows you to improve your voicebot / callbot, but above all to have a complete vision of your customers' expectations, including on subjects you had not anticipated!

They trust us

What our customers say about Yelda

It's very easy to use, and the interface is really smart!

Sonia C. - Eiffage

Yelda is much better than any other solution in our benchmark.

Leslie P. - Apsys

We were impressed by the ease of creating a voicebot with Yelda.

Pascal V. - TBWA

Customer Testimonial - Best Western

Delphine Rhodes - Directrice Relations Clients et Services Hôtels

🇫🇷 Customer Testimonial - Best Western

Delphine Rhodes - Directrice Relations Clients et Services Hôtels


About Yelda

We are a passionate team, based in Paris, at Station F and composed of experts in bots, natural language understanding and artificial intelligence. We are convinced that all the interfaces we use today as consumers, businesses or employees will be revolutionized by the integration of Voice. Initially incubated at IMT Starter, Yelda was then selected in 2019 in the Future 40, the 40 most promising start-ups among the 1000 that are in Station F. IN 2020, Yelda is raising a second round of funding to pursue the voice transformation of its customers.

"We believe that in the next years, the majority of businesses around the world will need to equip themselves with an intelligent voicebot/callbot to respond to their customers. Yelda is the operating system for these enterprise voice assistants."

Thomas Gx - CEO, Yelda

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