AI for call centers: Advantages, uses, advice

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ai integration in call centers
Automating your call center is necessary, especially if it suffers regular spikes in activity that can't be handled. According to a study by eCommerce Customer Experience in 2019, 89% of customer... Read More

Vocal Artificial Intelligence: Definition, functions, and tools.

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Vocal AI
Far from being a simple technological advancement, the evolution of vocal artificial intelligence is an essential step in how humans interact with machines. From humble beginnings in the middle of the 20th century to a noticeable presence today, vocal AI has made its mark... Read More

How to Successfully Automate Customer Service in 2024

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The constant evolution of new technologies is forcing companies to continually adapt to sustain growth.Today, immediacy reigns supreme. Customers want quick answers. Customer service automation meets this demand while also saving time and ... Read More