Finally a truly intelligent chatbot / voicebot!

Our SaaS platform is the simplest solution for creating your company's chatbot / voicebot. Bots created with Yelda artificial intelligence are really capable of chatting, like chatGPT.

They trust us

1 - Choose your use cases

Thanks to our pre-trained modules on a wide variety of use cases, your chatbot / voicebot will be operational in a few minutes!

Customer Service
Marketing / Lead Generation
Booking / Appointment making
Quote requests

2 - Customize your bot

Import your data and adapt all wizard responses. Yelda allows you to easily import and update your data via the following channels:

Our native connectors: Salesforce, Zendesk, etc.
Your in-house APIs
csv files
By hand via the Yelda interface

3 - Deploy anywhere in minutes!

With Yelda, you are just a few clicks away from having your bot live on all platforms, Chat and Voice!

Your website & mobile
Your mobile app
Google Home / Google Assistant
Telephone (via a dedicated number)

4 – Identify your customers’ expectations

The statistics and verbatims of all conversations between your customers and your assistant are accessible in your Yelda interface. This allows you to improve your chatbot / voice bot, but above all to have a complete vision of your customers' expectations, including on subjects that you had not anticipated!

Your conversation list
Full Stats/KPIs
List of topics most discussed by your users
Continuous improvement of your bot thanks to artificial intelligence

Book a Demo

Deploy your chatbot/voicebot in just a few days on the platforms of your choice!


All the options you need are gathered in our 100% no-code SaaS solution.

No-code platform

No need for a consultant, IT company or third-party service provider. Create your bot yourself in just a few minutes: no code to write, no conversation tree to create!

Adapted to your systems

Configure your use cases among our numerous modules: FAQ, customer service, HR, marketing, internal, leads, etc. Connect your chatbot / voicebot to your IS / CRM via our native connectors: Salesforce, Zendesk, etc.

Your assistant everywhere

Deploy your virtual assistant in just a few clicks on the largest voice and chat platforms: your site, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Home / Google Assistant, Teams, Slack, etc.


All of your bot's conversations, your KPIs, modification of the assistant on the fly: everything is there, available in SaaS.