Finally a truly capable callbot!

Install Yelda AI to answer the phone as your customer service virtual agent. Its responses are as natural as those of chatGPT.

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Yelda, provider of callbot solutions for brands

1 - Choose your use cases

Thanks to our pre-trained modules on a wide variety of use cases, your callbot will be operational in just a few minutes!

Customer Service / Customer Care
Internal Communication
Marketing / Lead Generation
Booking & Appointment making
Quote requests

2 - Personalize your callbot

Import your data and adapt all the responses of your voice robot. Yelda allows you to easily import and update your data via the following channels:

Our native connectors: Salesforce, Zendesk, etc.
Your in-house APIs
csv files
By hand via the Yelda interface

3 - Deploy in just a few minutes to the number of your choice!

With Yelda, you are only a few clicks away from putting your voice robot online on the telephone numbers of your choice, existing or created especially for the occasion!

Landline or mobile number
Your existing number or a new one created by Yelda

4 – Identify your customers’ expectations

Statistics and verbatims of all conversations between your customers and your assistant are accessible in your Yelda interface. This allows you to improve your callbot, but above all to have a complete vision of your customers' expectations, including on subjects that you had not anticipated!

Your list of conversations
Full Stats/KPIs
List of topics most discussed by your users
Continuous improvement of your bot thanks to artificial intelligence
Instant transmission of conversations to your CRM

Book a demo

Deploy your callbot to the phone number of your choice in just a few days!


All the options you need are included in our 100% no-code SaaS solution.

No-code platform

No need for a consultant, IT company or third-party service provider. Create your callbot yourself in a few minutes: no code to write, no conversation tree to create!

Adapted to your systems

Configure your use cases among our numerous modules: FAQ, customer service, HR, marketing, internal, leads, etc. Connect your callbot to your customer relations solution via our native connectors: Salesforce, Zendesk, etc.

The number of your choice

Deploy your voice robot in just a few clicks to answer the phone on a landline or mobile number of your choice.


All of your callbot's conversations, your KPIs, modification of the assistant on the fly: everything is there, available in SaaS.