What’s a Callbot and What Are the Advantages for Customer Service?

What’s a Callbot and What Are the Advantages for Customer Service?

Is customer service drowning in calls, inundated with complaints or inquiries? It's hardly surprising. 55% of French customers use their phones to contact companies (Observatoire des Services Client by BVA, 2022 [in French]). 

However, did you know that a callbot can work independently for 40% of customer requests taken over the phone (Future of Work by McKinsey, 2018)? An AI callbot is the best option for your call center to improve the customer service experience offers while reducing the cost of customer service representatives! We're going to explain it all in this article.

What is a Callbot?

A callbot is a vocal conversational agent that automatically answers telephone calls without the need for human intervention. As you can guess, the term callbot is simply a portmanteau of the words “call” and “bot”.

How a Callbot Works

Callbots use two main technologies: voice recognition and speech processing. The bot uses voice recognition to understand what the user's saying, transforms it into text that it can read, deals with the request, and then reconverts the text back into speech to talk to the person on the call. 

What are the Differences between a Callbot, Voicebot, and Chatbot?

You could quite easily confuse a callbot with a voicebot. The only difference is how they communicate. If they communicate via a phone call, it's a callbot. If it uses a channel other than a phone, for example, Google Assistant, we call it a voicebot. The callbot is a specific kind of voicebot for call or contact centers. In other words, the callbot is a vocal assistant for call centers while a voicebot isn't. 

As for chatbots, they communicate via text using speech processing or TTS (text-to-speech). 

The Benefits of Callbots in Customer Service

Available 24/7

Unlike in manned call centers where customer service agents have fixed working schedules, callbots are available to customers at any time, day or night. Without requiring human intervention during calls, callbots take less than 3 seconds to understand spoken requests from customers and reply to them. 

Reduced Waiting Time

Your customers can benefit from instant assistance over the phone with a callbot. Even if human intervention is required in some instances for specific problems, customer requests are first screened by the bot to reduce waiting times. According to a study by Siècle Digital [in French], integrating callbots reduced customer service waiting times by 29%.

Live Automatic Customer Service Request Management

The main advantage of callbots is their ability to independently respond to customer requests. Everyday demands can be entirely dealt with by the bot without needing to go through a customer service representative. 

Reduced Company Operating Costs

A callbot can increase operational productivity by 59% (Siècle Digital), reducing your company's costs. You can invest that budget elsewhere in the company, by further improving your customer experience. 

Improved Customer Experience

90% of customers in France are happy with the quality of conversational agents (Siècle Digital) and companies that implemented bots there saw customer satisfaction increase by 8%.

Customizable According to the Company’s Needs

With YeldaAI, you can customize your callbot to ensure it perfectly matches your brand identity and can deal with both the everyday and specific requests from your customers. Discover the YeldaAI Callbot Creation Tool

How are Callbots Typically Used?

We use callbots for lots of different applications. These include:

  • Call Classification: An incoming call can be classified according to the type of customer request online. Callbots can take care of every incoming call and transfer your customer to the right person.
  • Product and Service Information: Your customer is unlikely to need to speak to somebody to get information about your products and services. Callbots can provide them with up-to-date and accurate information on their own.
  • Answers to Simple Questions: You can save a list of the questions frequently asked (FAQs) by your customers so that a callbot can simply answer them over the phone. This allows your customer service representatives to focus on the more specific requests that require human intervention.
  • Managing Complaints: Complaints are part of an often specific and time-consuming process. Callbots can manage these processes, allowing for increased productivity.
  • Meeting Management, Reminders, and Alerts: A bot or a callbot can be used to simply automate the management of meetings, alerts, and reminders.
  • Redirecting Calls: Your customer service representatives offer no added value if they have to spend their time transferring calls. Callbots can manage, forward, and redirect calls so that your employees are only called when needed.
  • Case Follow-up and Management: Callbots can follow up on customer service request tickets and cases vocally, acting as conversational assistants.
  • Updating Customer Files: Your customer files need to be kept up to date and callbots can be put in charge of this while and incoming calls instead of your customer service representatives. 
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Automate customer satisfaction surveys by delegating them to a callbot to improve your company's customer experience.
  • Managing Call Overflow: To deal with a huge number of incoming calls, callbots can take care of certain requests while transferring customer calls to the right customer service representative.

How Do You Implement Callbots?

  • Define your company’s needs and objectives: This will help you to better determine what your everyday customer requests are and priority use cases to effectively integrate callbots into your company.
  • Choose the right callbot supplier: There are different callbot solutions for companies, including our YeldaAI callbot. What do we offer? An ultra-customizable nocode platform.
  • Plan the implementation: This is a crucial part of ensuring that your callbot is useful in the long term and does everything that you need it to do when the time arises.
  • Personalize and configure your callbot: Thanks to the nocode YeldaAI platform, you can personalize your use cases from many different modules for FAQs, customer service, HR, marketing, leads, etc. You can also integrate your conversational vocal agent into customer relationship management (CRM) solutions like Salesforce or Zendesk.
  • Test and alter your callbot: The testing phase is essential for ensuring that customers are happy with your callbot right from their very first AI call!
  • Launch your Callbot and tell your customers: Before you launch your callbot, let your customers know so that there won't be any surprises the next time they call you.
  • Monitor performance and get feedback: Monitor the precise performance indicators provided by the YeldaAI platform to ensure your users are happy.
  • Constantly improve and optimize your callbot: Much like the previous step, constantly gather information on what your customers think of the callbot so that you can guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.