chatbot / voicebot Customer Service

Connect your system to Yelda, and your customers' requests will now be processed automatically, both in writing and by voice! When this is not possible, a ticket will be created in your CRM.

They trust us

How it works

Connect your system to Yelda

Via our connectors available for the main Customer Relations platforms on the market, or via your in-house APIs. When the bot is not able to process a customer request, it will automatically transmit it to your CRM tool.

Validate the bot's scope

A whole range of questions related to your industry are natively understood by Yelda. Make sure to include your specific questions as well, and validate that the answers are appropriate, distinguishing between written responses and vocal responses.

Deploy your bot wherever you want

In just a few clicks, make your customer relations chatbot available on all the platforms of your choice: your website/mobile, Google Home, WhatsApp, Alexa, Messenger, and even by telephone!

That's it!

Your customers/users can speak to your business in natural language, in writing or by Voice. You have access to all statistics and all conversations on your dedicated interface. And your Customer Service chatbot improves on its own, day by day!

Book a Demo

Deploy your Customer Service or after-sales chatbot / voicebot on your website, Google Home, Messenger or phone in a few days!

Example queries

See the type of questions/requests that Yelda's Customer Service module is able to handle independently.

What's the status on my order ?

I want to activate my loyalty card!

I still haven't received my package!