Boost your self-care

Thanks to the generative AI that equips your virtual agent, it automates all your recurring requests: order tracking, product returns, FAQs, etc. !

Handle customer requests 24/7

Automate the handling of recurring questions with your virtual agent available 24/7, capable of answering 100% of calls even during peaks!

What could your virtual telephone agent do?

Orders Tracking

Where's my package?

Receive payments

Secure payments and reimbursements

Manage returns

Editing a return form and activating the procedure

Product availability

Inform customers about in-store availability

Answer FAQs

Answer all FAQs: delivery times, return conditions, etc.

Measure customer satisfaction

Conduct satisfaction surveys over the phone

YeldaAI customers see the difference

Here are the results our customers are achieving after implementing YeldaAI voice AI

63%Reduction in call volume after 1 month of implementation
84%Customer satisfaction rate
8%Increase in turnover by no longer missing any calls

Eliminate wait times and lost calls

Your virtual agent speaks like a human and never misses a call.

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