FAQ chatbot & voicebot

This module allows your voice app / chatbot to answer all the basic questions about your company and products, plus all small talk conversations with your consumers.

How it works

Import your FAQs

You can easily import it manually or with a CSV file

Review answers

Check that your answers fit text and voice interfaces

Deploy on your website or any platform

In few clicks, your voice & chat bot is available everywhere !

You're done !

Your users can start to talk with your brand!

Example queries

Type of questions taken care of by Yelda FAQ module.

Where are your HQ ?

Jane Consumer

Can I freeze your fresh pizza?

John Smith - Lead designer at Design Firm

Can I get a coupon code?

Clark Kent - Landing page evangelist

Included features

Small talk

All small talk questions like "Hello", "How are you", "Who are you", etc. are already included and directly understood.

Basic info

All basic details about yoru company or you brand like "How many employees", "Who is the CEO", etc. are also built-in!

Industry FAQ

Yelda comes up with a set of already available FAQs per industries, like food, retail, banking, etc. No need to restard from scratch!

Request a demo

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