How Much Does a Callbot Cost?

How Much Does a Callbot Cost?

There are many great reasons to integrate a callbot into your business’ customer service, especially to replace an aging interactive voice server. When you want to integrate an intelligent vocal bot into your customer service number, the first question you’ll ask yourself will be about the price. Here’s part of the answer with some details that may surprise you.

1. Setup Costs

Most of the time, whether you choose to outsource development or you want to bring callbot development in-house, you need to plan for the associated setup costs. 

This phase includes all the preparatory work: bot design, training the natural language recognition model on the requests associated with your business or domain, full-scale testing, etc.

For a callbot needing to manage 200,000 calls a year, the setup phase could cost upwards of $40,000. 

However, by choosing a callbot platform like Yelda, you can reduce the setup costs to zero as you’ll only pay for the running of the bot.

2. Running Costs

Once you’ve created and tested your callbot, you’ll put it into operation. From this moment, there’ll be running costs:

  • The cost of the line/line rental/hosting.
  • The amount billed by the developer of your callbot, usually by the minute. Of course, you won’t have this cost if you develop your callbot in-house. 

The running cost for a callbot: is $0.15 per minute of communication, which is less than the cost per minute for a human customer service agent.

3. Associated Costs

If you’ve decided to make a callbot for your customer service, it’s because you feel that its implementation will save you money. Its cost will be offset by the gains you’ll make compared to your current operating costs. There are two main gains:

  • Increased customer satisfaction (better evening and weekend coverage, reduced wait times, etc.)
  • Money saved on call center overflow

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